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Excellent product life ability, current development is more than 30 million cycles life

Through 5 years of technological research and development, Cooka technology has continuously improved and developed in the field of carbon thick film. So far, the life of the product has been increased by more than 30 million cycles life. Cooka thick film technology has enabled the company's products to reach the world class level.  At the same time, Cooka still insists on continuous inovation, improving service and making better products.

Cooka, based on the innovation application of electronic materials, alloy materials and structures, greatly improves the physical contact performance of products, thus enhancing the contact reliability and electrical seismic performance.

Super electronic contact performance. Signal noise as low as 20mv.

Carbon based resistance sensor is different from Hall sensor, which is a physical structure product and has the ability to be free from magnetic interference.

New Carbon film technology application, excellent anti-interference.

Through a large number of electronic materials, Cooka discovered several key materials. The application of these key materials can effectively reduce the wear of the electric contactor on the resistance body during the use of the product and reduce the variation of impedance.

Cooka's application of this technology to high-end sensors effectively ensures the accuracy retention capability of the product during use.

The application of ZERO-WEAR technology gives our produts super precision capabilities.

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